Life & Family

please excuse the mess the kids are making memories (husband included)….


This has long been a favorite quote of mine. I added that last little bit obviously, because let’s be real us wives are all married to a big man child. Boy do I LOVE mine, and his beautiful heart. 😊

I will be the first to tell you I cannot & WILL NOT keep a clean house. The quote says it all, and well, I also take very literally the whole “sleep when they sleep”. 

So when C (on the rare occasion) naps midday, I chose to workout, clean, take a shower, enjoy “me” time, nap also. I deeply desire to do all of these things but you come to learn VERY quickly which of these is truly most important.   

This is my disclaimer to all future posts, photos included, you may judge away if my house looks like the Tasmanian Devil quite literally spun happily through it. I don’t mind the mess, as I’d much rather spend my time giggling/holding/playing & crying with my little man than washing dishes, like anyone EVER actually enjoys doing them anyway. 

What’s the point in stressing over the laundry & scattered toys when they’ll be right back where they started in the next hour? Spend that time more wisely, here’s your reminder— they DO grow up, don’t miss it worrying about your messy house.


a messy mom & proud of it 


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