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 ….and we have ourselves a 3 month old! He has now officially graduated newborn academy and moved on to infancy, until he either says his first word or takes his first steps. Apparently, infant is latin for “unable to speak”, something I did not know.

#FUNFACT of the day!

He is growing SOOO fast. I absolutely love spending my days with him. His personality is REALLY starting to show.

It. Is. Wonderfully. Adorable.

The biggest thing that has happened this past month, aside from FINALLY hearing the most amazing giggle I have EVER heard…

REALLY a baby’s cackle, especially your own’s, is one of the BEST sounds you will ever hear.

that said, the next best big thing that happened—

He is finally sleeping through the night, which I understood pre-parenthood as without waking until the adults wake up. Another thing I have learned– sleeping through the night is considered 8 hours of straight sleep, no waking. He is finally sleeping stretches of 8 hours, wakes to eat, and will sleep for another 3-4 hours. Its been nice. I mean these GLORIOUS nights are not consecutive of course, BUT most nights he’s sleeps great. Probably dreaming of all things milk— milk lakes and milk rivers and ponds.

Now if we adults could just learn to go to sleep when he does, maybe we would get a full nights sleep too. Instead we like to use the few hours when he first falls asleep to catch up on housework, tv shows, spend time together, spend time in our own hobbies, shower. You know, just use this time for us. A rarity these days, but a rarity we are sooo very grateful for.

I have to thank Johnson & Johnson for this wonderful routine recommendation. I download their app. You can download it here. I have learned so much about the importance of a bedtime routine.

We used to think we had a colicky baby, come to find out, he was just REALLY tired & didn’t yet know HOW to go to sleep on his own. Since we’ve started this nightly routine, things have really been MUCH easier for all of us! Carter now knows what to expect come 8 o’ clock & he doesn’t typically get really fussy like he used to. Once he hears the first song on his bedtime playlist, he KNOWS he is finally going to get some rest; and that he needn’t worry. Its funny actually how he can hear the first notes of a song— instant heavy eyes & long slow blinks. I read about this somewhere, so I thought, why not give it a shot. It ACTUALLY works! Babies can learn to associate a certain song with sleep, when they here it, they know it’s time to go “night, night”.


Sometimes, we can lay him in his bassinet still awake, turn on his lullabies & ocean sounds, and he will fall asleep completely on his own. We don’t have to rock him to sleep every single night; which kind of makes me feel sad and successful at the very same time.

Don’t get me wrong, every night is NOT this easy, but most of them are and that makes us very excited!! 🙂


¤see you soon. stay humble. stay kind¤



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