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No I WILL NOT be your girlfriend! Its Valentines Day!

Three years ago today I said YES to a question that ultimately changed my life in the best way possible!

I know you’re thinking– here comes the marriage proposal story. YES that question changed my life as well, but there would be no marriage proposal story had I said NO to this question first.

“How do you feel about Duke’s basketball program?”

“I still hate Christian Laettner….”

“Great answer! What are you doing for the rest of your life….?”

I’m kidding, but given our deep love & passion for College Basketball I’m surprised that’s NOT how it went down….

3 years ago, my husband asked me to be his girlfriend. Yep, his girlfriend. He tried asking on Valentines Day, but I didn’t want the cliche anniversary (I guess), so I straight up stated, “No, you can ask me tomorrow.” He didn’t waste any time of course since he asked again just a little after midnight.

“Big deal, he asked to be your girlfriend (sarcastic, whoop-dee-doo, wavy hands).”

I know.

…but really, to us, it IS a BIG deal.

Here’s the thing…. I KNEW there was something extra special about him. Actually I’m sure I knew he was “the one”, so I PUSHED HIM AWAY. Not how you expected that story to go right!? I had plans to move back to Kentucky and I did not wanna be “stuck” here.

His friends (& some family) actually told him to give up on me. I strung him along; would date/text & ignore, date/text & ignore. How rude of me!! Boy was I glad I came to my senses!!!


I’m sorry for being rude.
I’m sorry for stringing you along for so long. I am SOOO thankful you didn’t give up on the chance of us and the future we could have together. It’s turning out quite beautiful, don’tcha think? I didn’t know what love was. “Love was kept, from me like a secret, and I swore that I was through– until you.”  I love you with ALL of my heart.

Yours Truly,

the stupid girl who took entirely too long to see something truly amazing RIGHT in front of her, but got lucky & somehow managed to marry you before you gave up on her, for good.



4 days later (Feb19), our first official date as a couple, at P.F. Changs.




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