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diamonds are not forever

I have officially decided that jewelry is a girls best friend gives me anxiety. I should NEVER be allowed buy or own expensive jewelry– it makes me sad.

Very sad. 

Very very sad.

Currently (as I begin to draft this post) I am standing in line at the grocery. I literally just pulled an earring from my hair. It was trying to escape by falling from my earlobe.

Ohh but THIS earring— it’s a cheap earring so of course I caught it BEFORE it fell in the parking lot, got stuck in someone’s tire and took a trip to Canada; leaving me tracing my steps back like a crime scene investigator, following muddy tracks eventually finding myself too, in Canada plucking away at some strangers tire.

That scenario didn’t happen obviously, what did happen however….

The diamond in my engagement ring is missing. I am at a loss for words. I feel like I have let my husband down.

I know, I know…. The diamond fell out; how could I possibly have known that was going to happen? I feel like I let him down because I didn’t go every 6 months (like I was supposed to) and get it inspected. Although after reading our warranty, “mysterious disappearance” isn’t covered anyhow.

So could it have been prevented? Maybe. We will never know.

BUT this is what I do know. I fell. I fell flat on my butt & back and tried to catch myself with my hand. I fell, on my ring. How does I know this for certain, when everything happened as fast as it did? Because I have a pretty little reminder of the pretty little MISSING diamond (most likely the prongs (that failed)— on my back.

I’m no detective BUT I’m pretty sure I fell on my ring, knocked it loose, and somewhere between 1130p & 930a AND a million different places a diamond could fall, lay this pretty little sentiment— all alone, without a hand to “hold”.

I contemplated digging through a dumpster at one point, no joke. BUT it seems like this “diamond that lasts forever” is GONE forever.

Those who know me, know I am NOT a materialistic person, but I am a VERY BIG sentimental person. So, of course my thoughts are a replacement won’t be the same he proposed with…. at least I didn’t lose the whole ring.

I still feel EXTREMELY bad that all my hubbys hard earned money quite literally could’ve washed down a drain.

He comforted me, and held me close as I sobbed like a baby. He stressed that it’s just a material object and that it’ll all be okay.

“yeah really expensive material object,” I thought quietly knowing he had to be thinking the same exact thing.

ON THE PLUS SIDE. I did get my ring insured. THANK HEAVENS. I knew I WOULD need this someday!

So if you’re reading this & you have jewelry that is uninsured, you’re welcome for this lesson you just learned.

Get your jewelry insured ASAP.

Did you know you can add your designer bags to your insurance? Or anything really, that you find of value. It’s super easy, you just have to send in a copy of the receipt for the item(s) you want covered. You can add them on to your home owners or renters insurance.

If you need insurance I have an AMAZING agent. She’s helping me file a claim on my ring as we speak. Her name is Kriss. She’s extremely friendly, reliable, quick, and won’t stop until she gets you the BEST rate available! Email her now and she can get you a quote in just 2 minutes! She also has a website– check it out HERE.

Until the insurance comes through and we get a replacement— the ring looks like a weapon used in a street fight so I will put it safely in its box for now.


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