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{One House, Two House, Red House, Blue House}

Whew. What a week IT has been!! We started house shopping Saturday, March 5 and somehow between work and an infant we managed to see about 23 houses before we fell in completely in LOVE and made an offer, just 7 days later!!! That was the fun (and a bit exhausting) part.

For all my married women, buying a house is a little like shopping for a wedding dress, or the man you’ll marry someday (however you prefer to look at it). You have to find it, try it on, walk around in it, picture yourself in it, so on and so forth.

And, if you’re shopping “in season”, it can get VERY cut throat! The words, “Well sleep on it…” SHOULD NEVER be uttered if you love a home when you see it. IF you LOVE a home when you see it, the ONLY words you should utter are: WE’LL TAKE IT! We found a beautiful, country style home, with an incredible backyard and open layout. JUST what we’d been searching for.

“We’ll sleep on it… We want to shop around and MAKE SURE we’re making the right move.”

*cue family sleeping “on it”*

the next morning our current “dream home”— SOLD! 

Boy did we learn our lesson!

Although like I was saying, whether your search be for a wedding dress, man/woman, or home.

When you find “the one”, you really DO… just. know.

On Saturday when we walked up the driveway, both Matt & I got, that feeling. It had EVERYTHING and more that we’ve been looking for; complete with doggie door!! Well everything EXCLUDING that bright red fence & entertaining porch, but nothing a little paint won’t fix! 😉

After discussing it with our realtor and letting out a sigh of relief, while strolling happily back to the car; there it was…. Oh no! Another realtor & family pulled in to see the same house! It’s only been on Zillow for ONE day! We’ve obviously been seriously stalking the housing market.

Quick, where’s the paint??? Get SOLD on that picket sign STAT!

Frantic we could lose our potential future home, we made a some calls to push everything forward. A few hours later, our awesome (baby-whisperer) realtor Terry gave us the call we’d been waiting for.


As of, March 12th, 2015 we are officially homeowners!


Sometimes you fall in love and your house cheats on you and accepts another hand in the mortgage marriage.

We thought for sure we were done! We were QUICK! We wasted NO time sending in an offer! But the sellers were out-of-town, they only VERBALLY accepted our offer, even after a counter offer. BUT they also received several other (better) offers.

Technically (legally) once your offer is accepted and papers are signed, sellers are no longer allowed to entertain ANY other offers.

That’s where we learned our SECOND lesson in house buying: if a seller accepts, MAKE SURE YOU GET IT IN WRITING or you WILL have your heart broken. 

I truly was completely devastated. I didn’t want to look at another house. Just like a breakup; I wanted to grieve with a big tub of Cookies N Cream ice cream. I couldn’t thou. I had to put my big girl panties on and keep moving forward leaving ‘Red Robin’ behind.

Matts mom and I viewed another house, while Matt played in a softball game (which they won).


They also have a 4 month old baby boy. There’s a weeping willow in the backyard that reminds me of my late Mamaw Lou. A playground and pool are within feet of the house. There’s EVEN a hot tub in the backyard! It’s perfect!

We’ve viewed 23 homes of various different styles, comtemplated building, researched the area and schools. It’s a very serious thought process.

Here we go again. We sent in our offer.


Tuesday, 7pm- they had no other offers but we’re tending to their newborn so they’d respond in the morning.

Wednesday, 1:43pm– seller still hadn’t responded to agent.

Wednesday, 1:47pm– Agent responds but still hasn’t heard from seller. “I have not been able to reach him. His job keeps him very busy as I mentioned before”.

Wednesday, 1:51pm– still no other offers; just lots of calls, questions, & showings.

Wednesday, 3:39pm– now they have multiple offers; best and highest bids to be sent by 9pm.

{GREAT! Now we’re in a bidding war….}

I’m at work trying to keep up with this group message, frantically checking my phone every 3 seconds.

…57 texts messages later.

Wednesday, 8:20pm– now there are 8 other offers. They will announce their decision in the morning, by 9am. We’ve done all we can do at this point.

Now we wait.

…..cue impatiently waiting.

Thursday, 7:36am– Good News! We’re are in with the top 3 offers.

Thursday, 9:42am

Alright!!! Woohoo!! I can’t believe they accepted OURS! I feel so lucky!! What a night out realtor had!!! He is SO awesome for putting in such hard work and a long, exhausting night, for us.

Now, we must get down to the nitty gritty and complete all that boring stuff…. the paperwork.

Granted everything goes as planned— the house is all OURS and we’ll get to join the FIRST TIME HOMEOWNERS club!!

Fingers Crossed.

May the odds be ever in our favor. 🏡





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