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hubbys birthday + memorial weekend

Whew. WHAT. A. WEEK. It was a great 4 day weekend! Nothing like some great quality time with family. How was yours? Did you do anything exciting or adventurous?   CW loves going to the ballpark to watch Daddy play. We celebrated Daddy’s birthday on Thursday, and the rest of the weekend. CW was really… Continue reading hubbys birthday + memorial weekend

Crossed Off

#36. Graduate High School

In honor of today’s date- May 26, 2007. 9 years ago today I graduated high school. Class of 2007.   •also it’s my hubbys bday – woot, woot 🎉• High School was definitely one of my greatest experiences. Full of ups and downs & firsts and lasts. Adventure. Struggle. Excitement. Late nights. Early Mornings. Loss. Ball games.… Continue reading #36. Graduate High School