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i’m stronger than you said i was

Well hello there. In the words of Staind, “it’s been awhile”. So what’s been going on? A lot actually and a lot of soul searching. 

It’s about to get REAL RAW & HONEST up in here…

I’ve been struggling with being able to write about my personal life on a blog. I ask myself, do people REALLY care about my personal life? Probably not really. But for me, I love writing about it, really because it’s like a personal scrapbook.

…SOO keep a journal, you say. But why keep it in a journal when I can potentially make money writing a blog & MAYBE stay home with my son? IF I can be a successful blogger & stay home, I’ll never write in another journal again! 

BUT more importantly to me, I’ve been soul searching about this PUBLIC blog because unfortunately throughout life I have met some people who DO NOT deserve to know how I’m doing, or how my family’s doing for that matter. I feel like writing on a public blog makes this easier for them. 

But then I remembered that my goal as a blogger, is to do it full time, so I can stay home with my son, go back to school, work on my own time, and be “my own boss”. I have seen others become so successful in blogging, so I KNOW it is possible. 

& was I REALLY going to let these people who’ve already had enough of a negative impact on my life, stop me from doing something I really wanted to do? 

Oh heck no! Give them the power and control of holding me back even after I’ve moved on from those situations???

I think NEVER!

So, the show must go on. I have always been an “I’ll prove you wrong” kind of gal anyways, so let’s do this

& if such persons are currently reading this, they know who they are, if you’re asking yourself, if it’s you… it might be.

I will continue to write publicly to PROVE to YOU that I DID do better, even thou you told me I could never do so. I always deserved better, even if it took me too long to see that. I hope you see that my life now… Is EXACTLY how it should be; you were WRONG. Very wrong. 

So sit back & enjoy the show. 😉

 Just an extra little note to YOU. ✌🏼
Just an extra little note to YOU. ✌🏼

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