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Let’s Catchup. 


So what’s been going on the last 2 months??

Remember my last post (before I went all MIA)— when I talked about the house with the willow tree & hot tub that we got into a bidding war over?!?!

Well THE ODDS WERE FOREVER IN OUR FAVOR because we got it!!! Which I already mentioned, but as you know, a lot CAN happen before you actually OWN & live in your home. We closed and “signed our lives away” on April 18th. We didn’t move in until April 30th.

We seriously had an INCREDIBLE realtor; if you’re on the hunt for a new home in the Dallas or surrounding areas, contact Terry Hendricks @214-784-8394! He worked day & night, and had one too many red bulls to fight for our house! But he fought tooth & nail and negotiated HARD!



Click on the photos below for details, and a quick update. 






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