Crossed Off

#36. Graduate High School

In honor of today’s date- May 26, 2007.

9 years ago today I graduated high school. Class of 2007.  

•also it’s my hubbys bday – woot, woot 🎉•

High School was definitely one of my greatest experiences. Full of ups and downs & firsts and lasts. Adventure. Struggle. Excitement. Late nights. Early Mornings. Loss. Ball games. Dance Practices. Skip Days. A few detentions. Summer trips. Best Friends. Sleepovers. Selfdiscovery. Road trips. Bonfires. 

Aah. Indeed we should all reminisce our younger years.

Our 10 year reunion planning is already underway. 😳

I’m excited to go back to my home state next year and catch up with my fellow classmates. I know with social media being what it is these days, it seems reunions may not be necessary, because we all know what Susie ate for breakfast, when she showered, what she did last weekend, and that her and Billy didn’t end up as high school sweethearts, but hey, her Facebook says she’s moved to DC and she’s one of the best, called upon lawyers around.

Or is she? 

Does the truth REALLY matter? Nonetheless we’ve all been thru something. Sometimes we omit parts of our past, either because we don’t want to relive it OR we simply do not want to be judged. 

Whether we are who we flaunt on social media or not, at one point we were all just high school students in the same class, just trying to pass Chemistry, who became the best of friends. 

Let’s go back to then. Let’s get together & not be judgemental. Let’s get together and have a grand ole time, just reminiscing. 😊 



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