Fit Fridays

Plank Challenge. 

TGIF!! It’s Friday! Which means a lot of things but for the next month, it’s going to be #FitFriday here on the SC blog.

I am accepting a challenge I saw on Facebook. Mostly because I’m interested in the validity of the outcome.

Remember a few years back, when people were planking? ….EVERYWHERE!? The ultimate “goal” was to plank in the most outrageous place, or in some cases, the most dangerous place, possible.

That is NOT what this challenge is about. I am NOT trying to bring that back. But just for fun. Here’s a few #flashbackFRIDAY planks.

You’re Welcome.

Now. What’s the challenge?

here’s the original article {from which I found this challenge}, where you can read more details.

BUT in a nutshell. It’s planking, the workout, for the next 28 days, increasing the amount of time each day. It’s supposed to really do something in your body by “slowly training your body for endurance and strength”.


Comment below– “challenge accepted

Take a before & after photo, for your own eyes or the public’s, whichever you so choose.

Here’s the schedule:

Day 1 – 20 seconds

Day 2 – 20 seconds

Day 3 – 30 seconds

Day 4 – 30 seconds

Day 5 – 40 seconds

Day 6 – Rest

Day 7 – 45 seconds

Day 8 – 45 seconds

Day 9 – 60 seconds

Day 10 – 60 seconds

Day 11 – 60 seconds

Day 12 – 90 seconds

Day 13 – Rest

Day 14 – 90 seconds

Day 15 – 90 seconds

Day 16 – 120 seconds

Day 17 – 120 seconds

Day 18 – 150 seconds

Day 19 – Rest

Day 20 – 150 seconds

Day 21 – 150 seconds

Day 22 – 180 seconds

Day 23 – 180 seconds

Day 24 – 210 seconds

Day 25 – Rest

Day 26 – 210 seconds

Day 27 – 240 seconds

Day 28 – Until failure 


& who needs workout clothes, it’s only 20 seconds or failure. 

I started my challenge today before we walked out the door to go about our day. 

Onward! CHALLENGE Yourself!



8 thoughts on “Plank Challenge. 

    1. Woohoo girl!!! When did you start? I started Friday (obviously 😊). Did you take your personal before & after? I’ve decided to take daily photos in the same sports bra to see if I will see change over time.
      Good Luck!! 😘


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