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hubbys birthday + memorial weekend

Whew. WHAT. A. WEEK.

It was a great 4 day weekend! Nothing like some great quality time with family.

How was yours? Did you do anything exciting or adventurous?


CW loves going to the ballpark to watch Daddy play.

We celebrated Daddy’s birthday on Thursday, and the rest of the weekend. CW was really excited to see Matt when he got off work.



We tried out a local Brunch spot with the family.

Y’ALL!!! This. Biscuits & Gravy stuffed Omelet. Thank Heavens for gravy. My order came with hashbrowns or grits AND (more) biscuits, pancakes, or toast. I chose pancakes, obviously, and opted out of the hashbrowns/grits and chose strawberries. We let CW try a strawberry– HE BECAME OBSESSED and couldn’t stop staring at them on my plate. We also let him try avocado, of which he seemed to semi-enjoy until he didn’t and he got to taste it & the strawberries backwards.

But seriously, If you’re ever out for breakfast and see this on the menu I HIGHLY recommended it, if you’re a B&G fan.

We made a pit stop at a little park after brunch, so Aunt & Uncle could see CW’s reactions on the swing. It really is– the. best.

It didn’t take long for him to pass out, several times, QUICK actually, after spending some good quality time with family outside. The best “pass out” yet is a little further down.

Just wait. It’s pretty darn cute. 

Oh you know. Just looking super cool & cute in Uncle’s shade and trying to sport a mini-hawk.



Super excited about these goodies that came from Amazon. CW loves story-time, and Gerald the giraffe is TOO CUTE! Also, I’m proud to say were still going STRONG exclusively breastfeeding, by strong I mean, doing everything I can to keep my supply up so we can keep it going. Has anyone used milkflow? Its a little tart but I mixed it with my blue gatorade (which also helps increase milk supply)– pretty tasty.


We had an ABSOLUTE blast at the pool. It was CW’s first time in a big pool. He loved his floatie boat, so much so that, with just a couple of spins and HE WAS OUT. It was so stinkin’ adorable.

& of course we had to end the night we a classic. Good ole root beer floats– FOR THE WIN.


…to end our long weekend, on a much sadder note. Max was super sad for all of yesterday after his cousin Clancy left. Don’t worry Sarah & Carson, I’m sure he misses you both too, but he just REALLY loves his “red dog” and escape partner.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. What did you do? Did you remember to pause at 3pm to honor our military? What did you do to honor those who protect us?

*Stay Humble and Kind*



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