Fit Fridays

6 reasons you absolutely SHOULD NOT, under any circumstances, do a 30 second plank, every day. 

  1. you’ll feel stronger and you may find yourself picking up your child to put her on your shoulders, so she can see the tigers better or you’ll swing him around in circles, but he/she might just giggle and/or enjoy it a little TOO much. bummer.
  2. you’ll have more energy, so you won’t be able to oversleep (again) causing you to be late for the last time (or you’ll lose your job). bummer.
  3. you’ll be able to think more clearly, your boss may notice & ask more of you, leading to a promotion. bummer.
  4. you’ll start to see/feel your body change before your eyes, you may begin to feel more confident, wear your favorite jeans again, or maybe you’ll go to more events with said confidence. bummer.
  5. daily planking reduces back pain so you may have to stop frequent trips to the pharmacy and save some money. bummer.
  6. you’ll find a mysterious motivation that you’ve never felt before OR in a while and you’ll be accepting every challenge that comes your way. You’ll think you can conquer the world; and those people are so annoying, right? bummer.

*BONUS reason: because it WILL change you and change is BAD, so very bad.

what. a. bummer.

But in the event you decide to COMPLETELY disregard the above advice, though you can clearly see how badly your life can be affected (read them again IF you need a reminder), below  are a few tips to keep you very unfortunately motivated:

  • find your WHY? Your WHY needs to be strong enough to get you OUT OF BED, SHOES LACED, and BUTT IN GEAR; not just awake-thinking-about-how-you-would-really-like-to-get-up-and-change-your-life; for the worse.
  • PREP– either set your workout clothes & shoes out the night before, or sleep in them. Hey, WHATEVER works. If you’re this person, the sleep-in-them person, at some point you’ll find that mysterious motivation I mentioned before and you may actually get up willingly, and get ta moving, without having slept in or set out your clothes.
  • MOTIVATION– if you haven’t found yours yet then hide it in places you’ll surely find it! FIND first WHAT motivates you. For some people, something as simple as a really awesome quote, can get ya going. Others, a certain song or playlist. New workout gear. Photos of your younger self. Photos of people who inspire you. IF you’re lucky you’ll find a pal who has also CHOSEN to avoid the reasons you absolutely should not, under any circumstances, do a 30 second plank, every day. Partners can be great motivators. Once you’ve found WHAT, what motivates you. Post it, tape it, hang it, write it… everywhere. Set motivator alarms. Set reminders. Put little motivational quotes in your pockets, on your mirror, and on the fridge. Do NOT fear your alarm clock(s). Example below:


Here are just a FEW things that really motivate me:

(yes I am one who NEVER takes my own advice, so you’ll find me planking; changing “for the worse”)

{this website has GREAT music to add to your playlist}

{this YouTube video}

{a GREAT quote}

{expressive tanks OR new shoes}


{my WHY}



IGNORE my advice.

GO ON you little rebel you.

Go ahead and see what happens.

Tell me below. What gets you moving? 


Onward! CHALLENGE yourself! 


p.s. If you started the plank challenge with me last week, how are you feeling? You should be up to 45 seconds by now! Keep it up soldier!


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