Fit Fridays

fabletics = abs-letics? 

Just want to share a quick little motivator. If you remember last Friday’s Fit post. I mentioned ONE of the things that motivates me is new workout gear, SO I caved and decided to try out Kate Hudsons line, Fabletics. I scored & caught a Memorial Day sale and got my first outfit for $15! Woot Woot!

It came in the mail today! Talk about good timing! 😉

This is the Pelican set, with the Salar Capri (Reef print) and the Neema tank (white).

Some dets about the leggings:

  • Smooth, Chafe Resistant
  • Maximum Support
  • Convenient Hidden Pocket
  • Moisture Release for Dryness
  • 4way Stretch for Comfort & Movement
  • Retail: $49.95 // VIP: $44.95

Some dets about the tank:

  • Soft, Jersey Fabric
  • Halter Neck Styling
  • Open Back with Bustle Detail
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Retail: $34.95 // VIP: $19.95

Here is what it looks like on the website.

and of course I had to get a selfie with my favorite little workout buddy. Don’t mind my super awkward facial expression, his was better so awkward face pic was the winner, hehe.

So my opinions?

I Loooovvvvvveee these leggings! They’re super snug and soft; seriously I never want to take them off! & this print!

FAB-u-lous!!!! *in sing song voice*

However. I’m sad to admit, I’m not so crazy about the top. My COMPLETE honest opinion (KH please don’t hate me)– it’s just too simple for the price. I kind of expected a really soft or silky, flowy yet snug-in-the-right-places tank. It’s soft, yes, but also kind of awkwardly flowy (not a real word I know). It just doesn’t fit quite the way I like to wear my workout tanks. I am going to try to exchange it, so I will keep you all updated on that process and my other selection. Maybe someone else may LOVE it; I’m sure I probably had my expectations a little high. BUT for me, it just doesn’t get me excited & motivated, not like these LEGGINGS! These leggings WILL motivate me to get outta bed and get my workout on! THESE leggings could be my newest addiction! I will HAVE more!

Here some more dets about Fabletics:

  • FREE SHIPPING on your FIRST order & on all orders over $49.95 in the U.S.
  • Become VIP and you get bigger discounts. You can “shop or skip”. You get charged $49.95/month, which goes into a credit bank to use towards your outfit of choice, OR you can skip a month (and the charge), by the 5th.
  • You can cancel your VIP Membership at any time by calling: 1-844-Fabletics
  • Perks include: 40-50% off retail, free shipping over $50, earn rewards, get $10 for every friend you refer.

CLICK HERE to check out Kate Hudsons awesome line & Happy Shopping Friends!
Onward! Challenge Yourself!


p.s. If your following along my plank challenge, how are you feeling? We’re 2 weeks in now! Feeling stronger? Keep it up!


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