Ohh, where our feet go...

Ohh the places we’ll go…

When I first met my husband, I just KNEW he was something special!

Well actually, I knew him as an “acquaintance” for quite a while, but I could still sense something special about him; so much so that I tried to play matchmaker with him and a dear friend of mine. Although I forgot about their age difference, so they remained only friends. Once we actually hung out one-on-one, my spidey senses were proven VERY accurate. I knew he COULD be ‘the one’ that very first night, but I pushed him away for quite some time.

You can read more about that story HERE if you’d like.

Obviously I gave in to his persistence– thankfully. We are now married with an overly friendly rescue pup & a 6 month old beautiful, happy baby boy.



I saw a photo online of a couple who took photos of their feet in different countries, I thought it’d be really cool to do the same with my future someone, and maybe keep it going for 50 years or so.

That said, unfortunately I cannot fully claim the idea, but I can claim all the photos that we have created ourselves & boy has it been fun!

We started taking these ‘foot pic’ photos, eh, not the first date (he might’ve thought I was a super weird, stage 5 clinger, looking for a lifetime of feet together). I mean I certainly didn’t see an exes picture burning bonfire in our future. I had a REAL sneaky suspicion this WOULD work out, for a lifetime.

I gave it a couple of months & our first foot pic was Brunch at Original Pancake House. I know, I know— that’s not a country or a state! But for us, we might as well have had a permanently reserved table. We frequent OPH often so with that we decided we’d take ‘feet pix’ in not only countries/states, but in places we favorited, events we attended, or anytime there was a meaningful moment or fun experience.

Sometimes we’d leave a place and I’d gasp out loud (most of time in the car), making Matt think something terrible had happen or that he’d hit something– I just forgot to take our foot pic. Haha. Sometimes he’d offer to turn around but I’d reply with “it’s really not that important,” as he glares back KNOWING I think it’s sentimental and VERY important. But most times if I forgot, I’d let it go.

When we found out I was pregnant, I KNEW I wanted to announce it with our feet.

So to kick start this section of the blog, I will share our pregnancy announcement.



*individual photos with explanations & details—under construction*

Click the links below for completed Foot Pic Documentations.

november 17, 2015 | first night home

june 14, 2016 | softball fields

“You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes; you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”
– Dr. Seuss


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