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happy fathers day

Today is a beautiful day. Today we celebrate all the amazing Fathers in our lives. Today is my hubbys FIRST Fathers Day. This day will NEVER come again. He will NEVER celebrate a first Fathers Day ever, so I hope we’ve done all we can to show him how much we appreciate and love him.

Happy Fathers Day to the man who’s proven to me that a man can treat a woman the way every woman deserves. The way every human deserves. To the man who’s shown me that there are still good guys. Who’s shown me beautiful things; and that chivalry isn’t dead. Who will show our son what a gentleman looks like. Who will teach him how to treat a lady. Whose shoulder is there when I need to cry; whose ear is there when I need someone to listen. Who gives a helping hand whenever it’s needed, without asking. Who lets me sleep in and catch up. Who sneaks out early to grab us breakfast. Who amazes me every day with our little boy. Who’s fun and adventurous and surprising and unpredictable. He’s just more than  ever thought I’d get lucky to score. You are, a word that cannot hold enough feeling or explanation. You are my favorite. I am lucky.

Those who know Matt, know he has just a little bit of love (insert sarcasm) for the North Carolina Tar Heels, alum Michael Jordan,  and his line of shoes.

He ONLY has 20+ pairs. Completely normal, right? …and Carter has 3 pair (so far) and about 18 Jordan baby booties. That said, it only seemed fitting to take some pictures in Daddy’s shoes and Carolina ball cap.

We have an amazing day ahead but for now check out these adorable pics we took to honor Dad today.

and a pic or two in Daddy’s button up and tie. 😊

Happy Fathers Day also to MY amazing Father. The man who taught me to stay calm and be humble. The man who taught me to be selfless and hardworking. Who taught me how to change my own brakes and manage money. Who showed me how you’re supposed to be loved; how to love. Who tried his hardest (and did great) fixing my hair for school. Who serves this country along side his fellow soldiers, and own son, my brother. Who doesn’t rest on the weekends because he’s up before anyone else and has already completed more in a few hours than some do in a week. Who makes the BEST pot roast and mashed potatoes. Who painted my room purple and installed floor to ceiling mirrors so I could practice my dance routines. Who the smell of coffee reminds me of. Who’s the BEST Papaw. Who is just AMAZING. I feel humbled and blessed to know such an incredible man to call Dad. I am so thankful for him every day. I love you Daddy.

Happy Fathers Day to my stepdad. You have shown my mom a love she’s needed for a very long time. Thank you for always being there for her, for making her smile, and for supporting her (even when she wants to hop on a flight to Dallas the next day to come see me Carter, for a week). I know we don’t get to see much of each other with all the distance between us, but know you are so appreciated. I am so thankful for you. I love you John.

Happy Fathers Day to my brother Jake. Watching you grow into the person you’ve become has been pretty incredible. The way you are with Kora is simply beautiful! She loves and adores you, and it shows; to her you hung the moon. & Thank you for being an awesome Uncle to Carter, it means the world. We love you both so much!

Happy Fathers Day to Harold. Thank you for everything you do for us. Thank you for being great with Carter. Thank you for making Matts Mom smile, and for supporting her and loving her like you do. We appreciate you so much.

Happy Fathers Day to my Father-In-Law in Heaven. Kells Wesley you flew home to soon, but in the short time I got to know you and spend with you, I saw what an amazing man you are. Those Sunday evenings with you, Matt, and DQ vanilla milkshakes were the best! From what I can tell and hear, you were the best Father. I see where Matt gets it. You were an incredible role model to him and I am so thankful for how you raised the man of my dreams. We think about you every day. We miss you every day. We love you every day. Don’t you worry, your grandson, Carter Wesley, he will know you. He hears all about you. He cheers for the Georgia Bulldogs, for you. He’ll cheer for the Dallas Mavericks, for you; although Matt is not a fan. Thank you for watching over him and keeping him safe. You are his angel. We love you.

Finally. Happy Fathers Day to all my Fathers out there.

You. Are. Amazing.

Thank you for all that you do. ❤


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