Fit Fridays

28 days later

Alright Fit Friends!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! *pop the champagne*

It has been 28 days today! Today is the day you finish your plank challenge, or continue it as part of your daily routine, to stay continually strong. Today is the day that you have NO set time goal. You just hold as long as you can– until failure. But know, friends, you HAVE NOT failed! If you have successfully completed this challenge; you. are. AWESOME. You are far from a failure. You are strong, resilient, and brave. You have conquered a pretty awesome strength training exercise, and while it may seem small and simple, you have created a habit, by now this habit should be a second nature part of your routine. A habit that feels as quick and easy as brushing your teeth in the morning.

So let me know. How was this challenge for you? How do you feel? Do you feel stronger? More energy? Was it hard? Easy? Did you have days when you didn’t feel like doing it? If so, what motivated you to keep going?

Once you’ve completed your last and final day. Let me know in the comments how long were you able to go before “failure”. 

Remember we’re not competing against each other were fighting our OWN fat!

I will admit I didn’t go much farther than the daily increases (about 30seconds). I only added an extra minute and a half. But I WILL say I feel much stronger and I feel like I’m sleeping better (maybe it’s the posture thing)! I will continue to plank, every. day. for these benefits. For just a few seconds to minutes a day, it’s sooooo worth it!

ps don’t you worry your pretty little soul, if life got in the way and you weren’t able to complete it this time, you can always start over and keep trying and until you’ve added to your success list! You. Can. Do. It.! Check out the details here.

What should our next fitness challenge be?

Squats? Abs? Arms? Full-Body?

Until then, continue to challenge yourself! Onward!



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