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Our Engagement Photos


Matt proposed January 4, 2014. It was so beautiful & more magical than I could have ever imagined it would be.  You can read the story here, if you’d like. 😉

With an engagement comes the engagement Photoshoot. It goes without saying that those who know us personally, KNOW we are not people who like the spotlight. We are not big on attention, stares, nor glares. So taking or pictures in a very beautiful, very public, and very crowded place was a little bit of a challenge. I couldn’t help but catch others staring out of curiosity, but it really threw off my ‘look in love’ face; not that we needed ANY help in the ‘look in love’ department but it made it difficult to focus at times.

that said…..

I felt so honored to have my momma take our engagement photos– she owns a photography business back home and she knew exactly the look we wanted and wouldn’t stop at a normal photographers quota or time frame until she got the best shot.

and what made it even sweeter is that she brought my mamaw (her momma) along from Kentucky. Neither live close to us, so having them here was Ahhh-mazing. *insert praise hands* It really DID just make it sooo much more special!

We made it a family day at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. If you’re in the area, this place is beautiful and a GREAT place to picnic. For whatever reason, changing clothes is prohibited, along with pets, smoking, sports, etc. Be sure to read up on the guidelines before visiting.

June 2014, it was soooo hot and soooo humid; so much for fixing my hair. The humidity got the best of my curly (straightened) hair, but I was not about to let it get the best of me.

In attendance: Matt and I (obviously), Momma, Mamaw, Matt’s Momma, and Matt’s Gram.


We took lots of photos– silly, serious, sweet, coupled and family. We drank slushies, changed outfits, and laughed at the way Mamaw says ‘silver’. We saw so many different types of photo shoots: quinceaneras, wedding, other engagement, family, newborn, etc.

so first, the pretty, “make a serious face”, “look in love”, hang above your fireplace pictures….





NEXT…. of course we HAVE to show some of our personality. We took these pictures for our Save-the-Dates (obviously, you can see it below). We had them done as magnets, and made to look like tickets to “the BIG DANCE“. For all my college basketball fans, you know what we mean. Basketball is just one thing we both have a deep passion for.

We. Are. DIEHARD fanatics…! We are true to OUR (own) blue, and our friends & family know the friendly rivalry we have with each other. Can we say “House Divided”? Haha. It’s always fun at our house in March.

and lastly, just what would a great photo shoot be without capturing some of our silliness and all that goes on behind the scenes.

^ this is the part where we find out a change a clothes and sports “equipment” are prohibited. So we walked back to the car; Matt opted not to change into his suit jacket AND we might’ve snuck ball in my backpack & changed into our jerseys anyways– I know were SOOO rebellious. I mean, let’s be real, we weren’t trying to play a game of horse and change our identities, in an attempt to NOT be caught red-handed. Props, it was just… props, okay?
can i get a THREE?


this one taken at home, is one of my favorite of the silly’s.

We had a lot of fun taking our engagement photos, and it’s so wonderful to know we’ll have them for many many years to come, to look back at and cherish, now and forever.

Thank you so much again, to all those who helped make this part of the process very, very special.

For all my married or engaged couples– I’d love to see some of your engagement pictures! Leave a comment below with one of yours that you simply adore. 




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