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Our Proposal Story

{ I wrote this the day after Matt proposed, I thought about editing & rewriting it but the emotions in this initial story are raw and shouldn’t be altered }

For those who want to know the story; the “how’d he do it?”. Here’s MY “short” version.

I had no idea– January 4th, 2014, would be THE day I’d finally say YES! I had hoped it would be any day now, of course. Anyone who knows me, knew that Matt was “the one” I wanted to spend my forever with, and I had been just patiently awaiting for this day. I was truly completely surprised. I will forever remember this beautiful day and experience.

For those who don’t know ICE at the Gaylord Texan is an exhibit built by “a group of forty master ice artisans and craftsmen from Harbin, China, spend 30 days hand-carving 2 million pounds of ice into the larger-than-life-size characters and scenes for the Gaylord Texan’s 14,000-square-foot “ICE!” exhibit, which this year will feature the story of The Nutcracker. Also this year is a ‘bonus’ ice area featuring holiday sights and sounds of New York City.” It is quite an incredible and magical place to be.

*click here to see this years coming exhibit, its definitely worth checking out, if you’re in the area!* 

I was already SOOO excited to be going. I mean it WAS the NUTCRACKER, in ICE! The Nutcracker! Every dancers dream show, sculpted in ICE! Before entering we all got cozy in our matching blue parkas, to wear inside the 8 degree exhibit and now, after the fact, all of the little comments Matt made, make sense. “No pockets in this thing?!” He said. “Guess I’m leaving mine unbuttoned then”, he insisted.

We got “fast passes”, since it was the last day and expected to be very busy. We skipped the lines and went the “back way”.


I guess I didn’t find it odd that photographers followed our “group” around. I fully assumed they’d try to sell pictures to us as we were leaving, you know, like they do at theme parks? We had fun with it and posed in almost scene, with almost all the sculptures, with a very enthusiastic photographer, I might add. THIS guy… he’s GREAT at his job, I thought.


you guys, this ice slide though!

so. cool. literally.


As we get to the last room of the exhibit — the nativity scene — I noticed the music playing louder and more “grand finale” like. Which of course I just assumed was part of the show. I notice, to my left, a giant candle sculpture, standing alone, next to something covered with a black sheet. My first thoughts were curious. I wondered “what’s under there?”, and why would they have everything in this exhibit carefully thought out, every detail and have this one piece out of place AND just out in the exhibit. I assumed if it was something they wanted covered they’d just move it out of the room, no? I put my thought aside and moved on to stare at the nativity scene in all it’s beauty.


I hear Matt over my shoulder, “What’s this babe?” He’s just as curious as I am, I thought to myself. I turned back around and saw him reach over to grab at the black sheet, I thought he was crazy. He can’t just pull this sheet off of whatever was under there, like he works here or something! And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks.

This IS it, there is was; thee question, I’d been waiting for, carved in ice. OMG! It was happening! He’s proposing! He pulled the sheet down and dropped to a knee, with an amazing, big grin on his face; he pulled out a silver box, and began to speak. The object of my curiosity was an ice sculpture. OUR very own Ice Sculpture, that read “Will You Marry Me?”

I covered my face because of course I couldn’t stop crying, people were staring, and let’s be real– does anyone REALLY have a cute crying face? At one point I interrupted Matt’s heartfelt speech to say “but I have gloves on!” Seriously, I can’t believe that’s what I said! smh.

“Yes! Of course!” I yelled, trying to see the expression on his face through my waterworks. I didn’t even look at the ring until after it was on my hand and we had already taken a few pictures. I was still wiping the tears from my face. But once I did. I must say. He done very well, in my opinion. It is beautiful! More beautiful than I had dreamt it would be.


I immediately asked the lady in charge if I could keep the sculpture, she just laughed it off and congratulated us. She seemed truly excited to be apart of making this special moment happen for us.

The sneaky photographer from earlier, was actually IN on this engagement set up. He took us back through the exhibit and took some more shots of us, as the newly engaged couple.



“We’re engaged!”

“I’m YOUR fiancé!”

“OMG I have to plan a wedding!”
I said, as we walked back through, with a smile on my face, ring on my hand, and handsome future husband by my side.

With a man whom I loved & adored, ANNNND a Pinterest account. I had dreamed of this moment. How would I answer? What if I’m wearing some crazy mismatched outfit and someone snaps a pic? What if my nails looked their worst, ya know for “the ring” pic? What if I didn’t react to his expectations? What if I get stage fright because of a crowd starring?
Many thoughts constantly ran through my head about how this day would (finally) go. Silly thoughts mostly. But it truly couldn’t have been more perfect. There was a crowd, and an applause but no stage fright from this girl because everyone in the room disappeared in that moment and it was just him and I.

I had dreamed of my future wedding and future husband for so long. Every detail planned out, on a board I named, “Every little girls dream”. A board with details, that would quickly change to show more of OUR personality, to show OUR love for each other, and YES our love of basketball. You can see some of our engagement photos here, if you’d like.

Matt continues to amaze and surprise me, since the very first day we met. He’s totally a hopeless romantic and I LOVE IT!

Babe, I love you more than words can express. Thank you for making our moment so special. ❤



and duh. we had to take a foot pic. 😉


For all my engaged couples– How did he/she do it? I’m ready to hear some more awesome love stories!!

& check out this post to see our engagement photos.


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