the BUCKET list

Since I was a young child I have always been fascinated with bucket lists. I actually had a running written list that I was constantly adding to; at some point I think it hit 452 things to do before I die! It was very detailed and had everything I could imagine from tiny, to small, to big, to not in a million years. I have obviously misplaced this list. So over the past years I have been attempting more practical lists. I’ve called them “25 things to do in my 25th year of life”, for example.

In this section I’m going to document my journey to fill my bucket, not only to look back on but to challenge myself as well.

I want to CHALLENGE you to create yours, if you haven’t already. Write it down. When you write it down it becomes more real. Find someone to hold you accountable, and get to work!

I would LOVE to hear some of the things you’d like to do!

Leave some of your BL ideas in the comments & lets lock arms and live life to the fullest TOGETHER!!

Here goes my running BUCKET list (in no particular order):

*documentation of the completed ones coming soon*

  1. start a blog
  2. run a half marathon
  3. murder mystery dinner
  4. escape from an escape room
  5. take a sewing class & learn the basics
  6. get a tattoo
  7. take a kickboxing class
  8. get married
  9. learn to grow a vegetable or fruit
  10. volunteer
  11. random acts of kindness
  12. complete a Project Life Album- 52 weeks
  13. be a mommy
  14. make a year of dates binder
  15. go to the top of the empire state building
  16. relearn ASL (10 signs a week, 500 by Feb 2016)
  17. stand atop a 14,000 foot mountain
  18. meet someone famous
  19. be apart of something big
  20. witness something in history, in person
  21. attend a kentucky/carolina game in both home arenas
  22. build a higher credit score
  23. own a home
  24. meet a President
  25. tour the statue of liberty
  26. be in a flash mob
  27. road trip
  28. stay in an over water bungalow
  29. learn to wake board
  30. dallas cowboys game
  31. dallas stars game
  32. dallas mavericks game
  33. watch a sporting event from a suite
  34. live in another state
  35. visit ALL 50 states
  36. graduate high school
  37. graduate college
  38. bachelors degree
  39. prom
  40. massage
  41. skydive
  42. own a firearm
  43. have my own backyard garden
  44. go to the NCCA Mens Basketball Final Four
  45. tryout for a professional dance team
  46. be an aunt
  47. take a burlesque dancing class
  48. the opera
  49. see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  50. Disney on Ice
  51. Disneyworld or Disneyland
  52. Winchester Mystery House
  53. the Grand Canyon
  54. Niagara Falls
  55. Las Vegas
  56. gamble in a casino
  57. snowboard
  58. ski
  59. Rally Car Race
  60. Broadway Show
  61. Broadway Show in NYC
  62. indoor skydiving
  63. go to the Ellen Show
  64. white water rafting
  65. kayak
  66. parasail
  67. egypt
  68. peru (macchu picchu)
  69. new zealand
  70. be married for 50 years
  71. write something in wet cement
  72. paintball
  73. take the next flight out
  74. send a message in a bottle
  75. swim with dolphins
  76. feed the sharks in their natural habitat
  77. pet a stingray in its natural habitat
  78. ride a gondola in Venice
  79. make every single recipe in a cookbook
  80. get inside a water ball
  81. slide down a man made “hill & tarp” slide
  82. hot air balloon ride
  83. great wall of china
  84. Mount Rushmore
  85. make a gingerbread house
  86. go on a honeymoon
  87. schlitterbahn water park
  88. own a dalmatian
  89. scuba dive
  90. do a helmet dive
  91. african safari
  92. set foot on all continents
  93. ride a motorcycle
  94. be in the best shape of my life
  95. go to the World Series
  96. plant a tree
  97. find financial freedom
  98. eat fried oreos
  99. go on a cruise
  100. host a family reunion
  101. be in two places at once
  102. ride an elephant
  103. ride a camel
  104. smash a pie in someones face
  105. go ice fishing
  106. ride the Texas State Fair ferris wheel
  107. find my cure for my chronic migraines
  108. play on a rec softball team
  109. meet John Calipari
  110. take a cake decorating class

*I think that’s a pretty good start!?*

Onward! CHALLENGE yourself!



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